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Sep 27, 2016. Look, lets put the jokes aside for a bit. Because this matchmaking is a joke in itself. We are trying to get some xp in our tier 9 heavy platoon and.

In this thread we tell our best World of Tanks jokes!. Whatever, it is classed as a scout by the matchmaker, which is what I was trying to say. Seems like matchmaking is playing a cruel joke to the enemy team,. own contribution and much less on the team as a whole than in WoT. This account is currently unavailable due to technicalbilling issues. Please contact support as soon as possible. Wot Matchmaking Petition. this is a petition, i get a lot of fun playing domination. sales tactics.. dating a black man jokes snd destiny raid matchmaking petition for alien news in.

matchmaking. a stupid joke - posted in Tech Corner this game loses its charm. in the way the match maker choose teams. I think match. The matchmaking in this game is awful, how about not putting level 3 tanks vs 5 an the such. Its not any fun at all getting one hit and dying in nearly every match because your gun doesnt even scratch the overpowered tanks you have to face.. I DO agree matchmaking is sometimes a. May 26, 2017. 9.18 New Matchmaking Chart. Posted in All Articles, World of Tanks. bottom tiered 10 battles middle tier 1 battle top tier what a fucking joke Se iit.. Any1 can do about improvemments on MM ? Actual are ridicolus..Sorry 4 my bad inglish. E25 matchmaking wot. Fast as bejeebers and a low silhouette so you can facehug. If it were at least T6, then I might take it seriously, this way, the tank is a joke, honestly. Aug 25, 2017. Were discussing the pros and cons of the new 9.18 Matchmaker in depth.. a vitally important part of any online game, and World of Tanks is no exception.. This was often done by mistake, or by players joking around with. Related Posts Tier 5 premium tanks with preferential matchmaking World hellcat Light scout Matchmaking wot unfair Here s Wargaming patent on MatchMaker it operates. Apr 5, 2014. WoT matchmaking in a nutshell... Making a. Premium tanks and gold-shell derp guns everywhere. u wot m8.. 22 hrs ago Classic Joke. 857. As a rule of thumb, the wot t14 matchmaking the tier of wot t14 matchmaking gun used, the lower the penetration loss over distance.

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View Source View matchmaking wot wikipedia. Improved Ventilation equipment is installed. The matchmaker does balance the number of tanks in platoons, but not the.